BQE Billiards & Bar has proudly hosted the American
 Pool Association since 2008. APA play is designed for the casual pool player, from beginner to amateur, to meet new
 people, have fun and enjoy the game they love to play.

The APA is a handicapped pool league with both 8-BALL and 9-BALL tournaments. There are 16 weeks to the season which lead to playoffs. The ultimate prize is a free trip to 
Las Vegas with your team and a chance to win over $5,000.

APA Pricing The APA is very economical for a night out. There is a member fee of $25 per year. Green 
fees are less than $10 per game. That makes it cheaper than going to the movies.

-APA Specials & Discounts APA members receive discounts at BQE. APA members with 
a valid membership card receive a 15% discount off our regular rates or an extra hour added to our 3 Hour Pool Special. During league nights, APA players can purchase a practice table for only $20 and
 shoot the night away.

APA Tuesday Nights Tuesday nights at BQE are synonymous with the APA. Teams of 5–8 
players begin practice at 6pm and start playing league matches at 7pm. 8-BALL and 9-BALL are 
played using the APA’s unique rules to ensure fair play and a competitive balance among all

-APA Season & Trophies There is a 16 week season followed by a playoff format for the 
top four teams. The winning team goes on to the Tri-Cup where they 
compete against the top teams in Queens and Brooklyn. The ultimate prize? 

-APA Events BQE is proud to host the Tri-Cup 
Competition, Captain’s Tournaments, MVP Tournaments, Best of the Rest Tournaments, League
 Meetings and several other events.

Call us today at 718.779.4348 to learn more about the APA at BQE.

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